Unusual types of Himalayan salt lamp

5 Unusual Types of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are stunning lamps that look equally as beautiful whether they are lit or unlit. There are many different types of lamp and here we are going to take a look at 5 of the most unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps that you might want in your home.

1. Levoit Kyra Salt Lamp

The Levoit Kyra salt lamp is the traditionally shaped Himalayan salt lamp with each lamp being unique.

No two lamps are the same in size, shape, colour and striations. This ensures that your lamp will never be replicated.

This is because the lamps are hewn from large rough chunks of Himalayan salt, which has the bottom cut flat and is then hollowed out.

The Levoit Kyra salt lamp is made from the purest Himalayan salt mined from Pakistan. While there are many lamps on the market this one from Levoit is the only one that comes with a mining certificate so you can be sure it is the real deal.

The lamp makes the perfect gift as it comes packed in a gift box. The lamp comes with a stainless steel base and is RoHS approved. It also comes with 1 x 15 watt light bulbs.

2. D’aplomb 100% authentic Himalayan salt lamp rectangle

unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps

The d’aplomb is among our  list of the most unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps as is that it has been carved into a rectangle block of salt.

The bottom of the lamp has been carved out and a light fitting added giving it a wonderful glow.

The lamp is made from 100% Himalayan salt more than 250 million years old and each one is slightly different. This means no two will have the exact same colours and indentations in the surface.

It sits on a crafted wooden base and includes a dimmer switch to set a romantic mood. It comes with two 15 watt bulbs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. HOMY Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Forest Design

unusual pink Himalayan salt lamp

The Homy natural Himalayan salt lamp has a stunning and unusual design as it depicts a forest through which the glow of the salt shines through.

This beautiful looking lamp consists of a metal basket with a design of trees cut out. This means that when lit the trees appear to be backlit with the glowing sunset. It really does have to be seen to be appreciated. It really does deserve a place on this list of the most unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps you can purchase.

The Himalayan lamp also has two lighting modes. One is flashing colours that range from pink to blue to red, purple and dark purple. The multi-colours are soothing and calming and offer a superb visual sensation.

The lamp is made up of a quantity of 100% pure Himalayan salt chunks from Pakistan.

It also includes a 3 watt LED bulb and USB cable so it can be powered anywhere there is a USB present or plugging into a wall adapter.

4. Himalayan Glow 1342 Lantern Style Basket

unusual salt lamp

The Himalayan Glow lantern style basket is another of the unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps with a difference. It offers s lovely relaxing amber glow when lit.

This lantern effect salt lamp is filled with pink Himalayan salt that has been mined in Pakistan so you can be sure it is 100% authentic.

The lantern shell is made from durable anti-corrosive materials and it has been designed to take on the appearance of a lantern. Thanks to the lamp bulb hidden among the chunks of salt when lit it takes on a glow similar to that of a flame making it look as though there is a candle flame inside the lantern.

The lamp also comes with a dimmer switch so you will have no trouble in finding the perfect lighting for your needs.

5. Salt Lamp,Digital Alarm Clock with Wake-Up Light

most unusual himalayan pink salt lamp

If you want the benefit of having one of the most unusual types of Himalauan salt lamps and you also want the function of an alarm clock by the side of your bed the LA Homieta lamp and alarm clock combined could be just the thing.

This is a totally unique salt lamp offering the time along with the day and the temperature in your room.

Of course, it also has a solid block of Himalayan salt fitted into the light wood casing, giving off a lovely glow.

The lamp is made from pure salt from Pakistan and each piece used in the lamp alarm clock is unique. This means each has its own colouration and indentations, so no two are alike.

The light will brighten up slowly starting 15 minutes from the time the alarm is set and even with a loss of power the lamp alarm clock will keep its time for 6 months.

All you have to do to turn on the lamp is tap it on the top and the lamp will emit a soft glow. Along with being an alarm clock it also gives of negative ions, which means it is healthy too.

So, we have now come to the end of our list of the 5 most unusual types of Himalayan salt lamps that you might want to consider as additions for your home.

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