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Salt Therapy Near Me: Why Not Enjoy It At Home?

One of the questions frequently asked online is where can I get salt therapy near me? While salt rooms are popping up more frequently in the UK and USA they are far and few between so you might have to travel some distance to enjoy the benefits of salt inhalation. However, did you realise that you can enjoy portable salt therapy at home?

Here we are going to discuss the options for home salt therapy as opposed to going to a salt room or salt cave. You have to admit, it is worth considering, as there are many benefits. You do not have to travel to and from a salt cave and you do not have to spend a huge amount of money. Bear in mind a trip to a salt room generally costs around £35 per one-hour session. This means if you go twice a week for a year it would cost you a huge amount of money, over £3,000.

Options for salt therapy at home

There are far more affordable solutions for enjoying portable salt therapy and here we are going to look at some of the most popular.

Salin Plus salt therapy machine

When looking for salt therapy near me I then considered enjoying it at home and found the Salin Plus salt therapy machine to be a good alternative. This home salt therapy machine can be a godsend for anyone who suffers from respiratory or sinus issues such as rhinitis, asthma or COPD.

Salin Plus salt therapyThe device does virtually the same as being in a salt room as it sends out small pieces of micro-crystalline salt into the air which is then breathed in. This provides the same benefits of sitting in a salt room but you are in your own home.

The best way to use the Salin Plus salt therapy machine is to place it on your bedside cabinet and leave it on overnight. This means you enjoy a full night’s use of therapy overnight. If you were to pay to go to a salt cave overnight this would cost you on average £280 for 8 eight hours. The salt device is far cheaper and you get to use it night after night, savings thousands of pounds.

You do have to purchase additional filters for the device about every 5 months but even taking this into account you save a great deal of money. Of course, you are also enjoying the salt treatment in the privacy and comfort in your own home courtesy of this home salt therapy machine.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Another popular device for therapy at home is the Himalayan salt inhaler. This is an extremely portable solution as it can be carried around. It is the perfect choice for taking on vacation so i didnt have to worry about looking for salt therapy near me when i travelled abroad. This is a great choice of portable salt therapy. porcelain himalayan salt inhaler buy now

There are many different types of salt inhaler. The original ones are made from ceramic or porcelain. The good side is it helps to keep the salt cool while the downside is they are heavier than the plastic versions.

All salt inhalers work in the same way. They come prefilled with Himalayan salt and have a filter to stop large pieces of salt from being breathed in. The user puts the inhaler to the mouth and breathes in. Air travels through holes in the bottom of the device and up through the salt taking minute pieces with it. You breathe in the salty air, which frees up mucus.

This is like the air that you would breathe in if sitting in a salt room. However, you have it in a portable format and can carry it around to use when needed.

There is a more lightweight version of the traditional salt inhaler made from plastic and there is an extremely portable version that is small enough to be put in the pocket or a handbag.

Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps can also be used to good benefit. There are many different styles of lamps and all have the same benefits.

The typical Himalayan salt lamp is a chunk of salt with a hole drilled up through the middle and it stands on a plinth of wood. It has a light bulb in place inside the salt and this gives the salt a beautiful glow when lit.

However, the light is there for more than just good looks. The light heats up the lamp, which gives off negative ions, which is good for the health.

Along with producing negative ions, the lamp is beneficial in helping to promote a sense of relaxation.

In summary

Any are all of the above solutions are suitable options for enjoying salt therapy at home, whether you go for a home salt therapy machine or portable salt therapy.

Therefore, you do not have to go searching for salt therapy near me; you can use the Salin Plus salt machine, a portable Himalayan salt inhaler and a salt lamp. Combine them all and you get a portable salt therapy room in your own home.


Salin Plus salt therapy machine

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