Scenic Spaceship salt lounge

First Luxury River Cruise with Salt Therapy Room On-board

If you fancy a spot of salt therapy while on vacation you might be pleased to hear about the first luxury river cruise with salt therapy room. Scenic has revealed new cruises including the luxury of being able to take in spa treatments including Himalayan salt.

Travel in style on the Scenic Space-Ships

The managing director of the Scenic Group UK said that consumers are looking for a more personal smaller ship experience and this is what the Scenic Space-Ships offer.

The ships offer once-in-a-lifetime moments with sun lounges in the spacious suites and access to a holistic range of options.

Relax and heal in the salt therapy lounge

river cruise with salt therapy roomThis includes the first Salt Therapy lounge on-board a river cruise. Guests are able to relax and unwind in the salt room and breathe in the benefits of pure Himalayan salt and its healing powers.

The room is a modern version of the salt caves complete with salt brick walls and temperature control. The salt bricks in the heated room offer benefits to the immune and respiratory systems.

Brand new river cruises highlights

The two new river cruise with salt therapy room onboard include the Passchendaele and Ypres along with culinary itineraries highlighting the gastronomies of France. These are the Flavours of Bordeaux on the Garonne and Tastes of Southern France on the Rhone.

The river cruises include dinner prepared by Didier Goiffon, the Michelin star chef and a cooking class held at the three-star restaurant of Georges Blanc.

There is also a four-night trip from Vienna to Budapest, which travels along the Danube River, including a classical concert at the Godollo Palace in Budapest.

Alternative salt therapy at home

You do not have to travel along the river to take advantage of salt therapy of course, as you can enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

You can get the same benefits from pure Himalayan salt and create your own salt therapy room if you use the Salin Plus machine.

This machine puts minute particles of salt into the air through a fan and a filter with salt incorporated into it. It is recommended to leave the machine on throughout the night for the biggest benefit.

You might also want to consider such as a salt inhaler. You can breathe in through the salt in the bottom of the inhaler to get the benefit of salt air and small particles of salt. These break down mucus in the nasal passages and lungs making it easier to expel.

For that spa or salt cave look you can have Himalayan salt lamps lit in the space where you sit to enjoy the therapy and you have your own salt room at home.

Of course, its not quite the same as a river cruise with salt therapy room but then it is a lot cheaper.

Salin Plus salt therapy machine

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