Inhalo DSI Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler


The Inhalo Dry Salt therapy device is a portable version of the classic salt inhalers. It is a lightweight form perfect for the handbag or pocket and it is refillable.


  • Portable salt bronchial inhaler | Inhalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler help relieve the symptoms of transient symptoms, chest tightness and allergy, which may be associated with certain lower respiratory bronchial complaints.
  • Improve breathing with salt therapy | Inhalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler can promote optimum tracheal hygiene and health, thereby relieving lower respiratory complaints. Natural, chemical-free relief.
  • Clinically tested for breathing disorders | Inhalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler can also help relieve the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. The salt cartridge contains 5 grams of natural, crude rock salt crystals.
  • Simple, easy to use and family friendly | Just remove the cap from the device and breathe. After each inhalation, remove the inhaler from your mouth, close your mouth and exhale through your nose. Nasal exhalation results in proper healing effect only with 15-20 minutes treatment. Recommended for adults and children older than 5 years.
  • Drug-free salt therapy treatment | Inhalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler is 100% natural, drug-free effective solution without side effects for your respiratory health.

From the manufacturers website:

– 100% natural, efficient solution free of medications
– Prevention of respiratory infections
– May promote the cleansing of the bronchial tract
– May mitigate respiratory symtoms quickly
– May helpto reduce asthmatic attacks
– May reduce medical treatments
– May improve the quality of life, easy to use
– Local effect mechanism at the apropriate point (lungs, larynx)
– Perfectly gentle treatment
– No side effects

Salt has disinfectant and antibacterial characteristics.
The nostrils and the mouth/throat represent a possibility for bacterial and virusinfections. In a global epidemic, it is nearly inevitable to come into contactwith these infectious viruses and bacteria despite all precautions.

Also available in a nasal inhaler which can be purchased here.

Salin Plus salt therapy machine

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