Good Health Original Himalayan Salt Inhaler


$14.99 $13.99

Classic porcelain Himalayan salt inhaler pre-filled with 2 grams of pure Himalayan salt for you to practise salt therapy at home. The salt lasts approx 6 to 12 months depending on use and it is easy to refill.



  • Provides salt therapy to the respiratory system, when used regularly. Use for 10-15 mins per day or otherwise occasionally if just feeling blocked up and congested.
  • Advantages: Helps Sinus Ailments, Promotes sounder sleep, Moisturizes Dry Mucous Membranes, Reduces inflammation, Detoxifies the air you breath, Cleanses the respiratory system, Relives Stress, Reduces blood pressure,
  • Direction: Take the salt inhaler pipe and place it in your mouth. Breathe in normally through the mouth, and exhale through the nose nasal
  • The Himalayan Salt inhaler pipe is the modern way to experience salt therapy at home and has no known side effects. Made from Porcelain. Comes with 200g High Quality Ionized Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Original Himalayan Salt Ceramic Filled Pipe with 100% Pure Himalaya Rock Salt.

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