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Himalayan Salt Lamps: 5 Reasons You Should Have One

You might have heard about Himalayan salt and the many benefits it has to health. The salt form is offered in packets in sizes ranging from large to very fine.  However, what are Himalayan salt lamps? Here we look into what they are, how they are made and the benefits of having one in your home.

How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

In the lamp form, the salt is left in its large form, without being crushed smaller. The salt is left in its natural form as it was taken from the mine, so each salt lamp is unique in shape and colour. This means each lamp stands out as a decorative piece, more so in the very large form.

The colour of the lamps vary greatly from being exceptionally light pink, almost a translucent white, to darker pinks, oranges and even almost red.

The chunk of salt taken from the mine is left largely as it was found, so each lamp is very different from the next in regards to colour, shape and size. Each features its own natural veins in the salt and has natural beauty of its own even without being lit.

The only change to the chunk of salt is that it is has a hole drilled up inside it from the bottom where a small light fitting is inserted. This gives the Himalayan salt lamp a whole new look when lit up and is simply stunning. The lamp is then placed onto a piece of decorative wood, which acts as the stand.

While there are traditional Himalayan lamps, there are also more decorative lamps. These range from salt that has been carved into shapes; to Himalayan salt bowls filled with chunks of salt, to salt in intricately shaped baskets and more.

5 reasons you should have an Himalayan salt lamp

Now let us take at 5 reasons you should have Himalayan salt lamps in your home.

1.     Help you to breathe more easily

Himalayan Salt LampA Himalayan salt lamp can help you to breathe more easily if you have asthma, COPD or any other respiratory illness.


The lamp is thought to attract toxins, pollutants and allergens to its surface and it releases negative ions into the room when it is lit thanks to its surface warming up.

You will have felt the effect of negative ions when you are at the beach or standing beside a waterfall. It generally cleans the air and aids with easier breathing. This is why salt lamps are recommended for asthma and other respiratory conditions.

2.     The air in your home is purified

Salt lamp bascketWhile Himalayan salt lamps can help you breathe more easily, they are also superb for cleaning and purifying the air around you.

The lamps are able to purify the air in the room through hygroscropy. This means it attracts along with absorbing water molecules in the environment that have been contaminated.

This means that it can remove dust from the air, cigarette smoke and many other smells and contaminants.

3.     Helps with allergies

Salt lamp

Another reason you might want to have a Himalayan salt lamp in your home is that it can help with allergies. This includes such as hay fever and allergies associated with pet dander.

Standing a lamp on the bedside cabinet can help to alleviate snuffles and sniffles during the night that might be brought on by hay fever or a cold and it can help you to relax and sleep better.

4.     Makes you feel more energetic

Himalayan salt bowl

There are plenty of positive ions in the air from dust, pollen, electrical equipment and more. Positive ions can make you feel tired.

Pink Himalayan lamps send out negative ions into the room and these help to increase energy.

Simply being close to a lamp during the day and night can help to give you a boost of energy, similar to the effects from a spa.

5.     Relaxation at home

Fancy Himalayan salt lampEveryone could do with a pick me up and some rest and relaxation at the end of a busy day and Himalayan salt lamps can help you to do just that.

Light up your lamp and sit close to it just gazing at the beauty of the lamp with eyes slightly closed. Take in slow deep breathes through the nose and breathe out slowly through the mouth.

Sit and count your breathes if you find this easier and try to spend 5 or more minutes just counting your breathes and you will find yourself drifting off into relaxation. This can also help you to calm down and get prepared ready for bed.

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