Himalayan salt for coronavirus

Gargling with Himalayan Salt Could Fight Off Coronavirus

Gargling with Himalayan salt water could help to fight off Coronavirus. No, this is not click-bait; it is a genuine news report from the Mail Online.

The news comes from scientists at the University of Edinburgh as they are recruiting adults in Scotland who have Coronavirus to take part in a study. The students believe that gargling with salt water can cut down the length of time people have a cough or cold by up to two days.

If you are over the age of 18, live in Scotland and you have Coronavirus you can find more information about the study here.

Himalayan salt has many health benefits

Some people will say that this is nothing out of the ordinary as people have used salt water to treat sore throats to ease pain.Himalayan salt could help Coronavirus symptoms

Himalayan salt is lower in sodium than table salt and includes calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron in small amounts. Therefore, many people claim it is healthier than normal table salt. Many people even drink it in the form of Sole water. Pink salt chunks are left in water until it becomes saturated which is then used as 1 teaspoon in a glass of water.

Himalayan salt could help mild coronavirus symptoms

As people have gargled using salt water to great effect, the scientists believe it could help people who are showing mild symptoms of coronavirus, an illness that affects the airways causing people to cough.

Himalayan salt water is called sole and if you want a Sole water recipe you can check it out here along with the many other benefits it offers. Alternatively, if you want you can purchase a kit that comes with all you need to make your own drinking salt in water solution, but you do have to add the water yourself of course.

The Himalayan salt could also help to boost the antiviral abilities of the body. Antivirals have already been approved for use on the NHS for people who are critically ill.

The scientists believe that gargling with salt water could be a low-cost option to help people with mild symptoms and help them to recover faster and/or stop them from getting more serious.

Of course, pink pure salt has been used for many centuries for illnesses associated with the lungs, of which Covid-19 is.

There are salt inhalers and many asthmatic people swear by to help them with symptoms associated with their illness. These include coughing, removing phlegm, breathlessness and wheezing and more. COPD sufferers also claim that breathing in salt air helps them with their symptoms.

Coronavirus can of course become an extremely severe illness and we are not suggesting that Himalayan salt is a magical cure for it. However, with scientists believing that it may be of some use and the salt having no adverse effects, it may be something worth considering for mild symptoms.



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